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Photo Blogging Part 3

This Natural Area was once part of our old farm. The majority of the land is now a rural housing development in Southern Washington County. What I used to jokingly call the back 40 is really only about 5 acres, … Continue reading

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Meadowlark Lemon Dies at 83

Known for his charismatic clowning and his halfcourt hook shots, Lemon was the Globetrotters’ top showman for more than two decades. Source: Meadowlark Lemon, Harlem Globetrotter Who Played Basketball and Pranks With Virtuosity, Dies at 83 – I grew … Continue reading

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Ain’t that the truth!

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My Evening Chuckle!

This is me in real life 90% of the time :)Follow – Funny Vines Posted by Funny Vines on Friday, December 25, 2015

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Is Anyone Really Surprised By This?

Outside the Beltway, the right is livid with new Speaker Paul Ryan’s trillion-dollar spending deal with Democrats. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter says Ryan, just seven weeks on the job, is ripe for a primary challenge. “Paul Ryan Betrays America,” blared … Continue reading

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Flaming Pot Pie

As many of my co-workers know, I burned popcorn and set off the fire alarm in our building. Well, it appears to run in the family, as this video of a burning pot pie proves.

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Off We Go!

Heading out the door to go see the family in Grantsburg, WI. It’s snowing. Not what I’d call a heavy snow, but it’ll probably mean slower traffic on the road anyway.

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