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2013 Tour De Rook – Leg 1

Yes indeed! It is that time of year for the world famous Tour De Rook. Today’s leg was to and from Willow River. Anyway, to the stats! Miles: 8.88 Time: 00.33.41 Max Speed: 20.4 mph Average Speed: 14.4 iPod: Mumford … Continue reading

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Why Paul Is My Role Model

Because he knows how to call it: I’ve been focused on economic policy lately, so I sort of missed the big push to rehabilitate Bush’s image; also, as a premature anti-Bushist who pointed out how terrible a president he was … Continue reading

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Just Too Cute Not To Post

That is right. It is a YouTube about a cat. I know; how original. Tough. Suck it up and watch you heartless bastards.

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Remember This?

It will never be featured at the George W. Bush Presidential Library, I can assure you.

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Do Not Speak Ill Of The Dead

But thankfully only his two terms as President are dead; he’s still alive. So…….. Fuck You George W. Bush. Thousands died because of your failure early in your first term and hundreds of thousands (if not more) died because of … Continue reading

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I am feeling emotional this morning. But not a bad emotional. Not a regretful, fatalistic, and depressed emotional. Instead, I find I am moved close to tears by various postings and pictures on facebook and other sites that reaffirm my … Continue reading

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What Faith Is

I have never heard a better description of faith:

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2nd Suspect Caught

Uh, yeah. Cool. Except, well….. there are more out there. The two that were identified in the videos were not the only ones. This attempt at closure by the authorities is misplaced. And trust me when I say they are … Continue reading

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Shoveled Out!

Okay, I managed to get myself shoveled out of the driveway. Now comes the real test; can I get down the unplowed road? Thankfully a good sized pickup drove by, creating two large ruts I should be able to follow. … Continue reading

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My Thoughts Towards Boston

I am hoping for a good outcome to an already tragic situation in Boston. My thoughts are to the good people there, and to the courageous men and women of the law enforcement agencies as they search for the suspect.

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