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Cold Dead Humor

Wow. I mean, just wow. I have seen this floating around for a few days, but did not take the time to really listen to Jim Carrey’s latest video. First, I haven’t seen him do this biting of humor since … Continue reading

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Just Does Not Look Right!

I blame same-sex marriage.

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Why I Read Balloon Juice – Part Who Knows How Many

When John Cole is on, he is fucking on! That’s what white (and heterosexual) privilege feel like. It’s that fucking good. You get to feel good about yourself when you have a couple drinks and watch a movie about your … Continue reading

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No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee…….

Yeah, about that. Woke up this morning when the alarm sounded at 5:00 AM. Even though I set up the grounds, I did not hit the auto button on my coffee machine. So, on my way to the bathroom I … Continue reading

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No Use Crying Over Spilled Beans………..

Arrggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My coffee grinder became clogged. In an attempt to unclog it I did this:  

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Sunday Morning

So here it is Sunday morning, and I have already managed to get one load of laundry into the dryer with a second load just finishing up on its rinse. I have a few more loads of laundry to complete … Continue reading

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About Iraq

When the drum beat for invading Iraq grew, I remember having doubts. I read about the reports that were ignored by the legacy media at the time. I also had some semblance of logic that rumbled around my brain; I … Continue reading

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I have a Black & Decker Coffee pot with an auto start feature. So, every morning I wake up to the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee. This morning when the alarm went off something was missing. I did not … Continue reading

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My Ten Years Later Post

Along with many others, I am going to quickly comment on the invasion of Iraq. Actually, it is just a copy and past of a comment I left at Bark Bark Woof Woof: I was a fool and naive back … Continue reading

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Conserving Compassion

As a counselor I often joke that I lack compassion, but have plenty of empathy. Now, I have to admit I do have compassion, I just cannot let it get in the way of my doing my job. But that … Continue reading

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