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A Date I Picked

What with being in a fog and all, when it came time for me to pick a sober date shortly after being admitted into the halfway house I racked my brain for what seemed like weeks (probably only 15 minutes … Continue reading

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The Republican/Conservative Agenda Is Not Financially Viable

I wonder how quickly the radical right will switch to demanding socialized news coverage once they realize that capitalism will spell it’s death. (Daily Kos) CNN led during the President’s address with 3.1 million total viewers. MSNBC came in second … Continue reading

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New Cat Post

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I Miss The Muppet Show

In case any of you are too young to remember the show; here is a taste.

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A Slight Twist On An Oldie

Traditions? I don’t need no stink’n traditions!

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Know Yourself

Why I love Paul Krugman.

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Just Saying

Yeah, ah….. I have the greatest dad ever! Last night I invited them out for Friday night all you can eat fish fry at Peggy Sue’s (no web presence, sorry). Well, a few weeks ago my washing machine died. So, … Continue reading

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Now That’s Assertive Parenting!

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Cat Update

So, 3 days out from new cat addition. So far Cinnamon has done what all cats do when a new kitten is introduced; she hisses and bats at Kang. For his part, he is not intimidated. A true Klingon. Well, … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury – Sci-Fi Porn Star?

Seriously: Not Safe For Work! Hat Tip to NTodd who posted it to Facebook. That means you won’t find this video on his blog.

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