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Guess Who’s Home

After a very scary Sunday, when he was hours from death, Kang is now home. He is happy, sedate, and content. He’s out of the woods, able to easily empty his bladder. We need to feed him prescription food for urinary tract health. So far he’s snubbed his nose at it. He’ll get hungry and eat eventually. Or he’ll lose weight, which won’t hurt either.

Cinnamon’s Resting Place

Honestly, she lays right there when I am writing in my journal every morning. She will either lay her head on my arm while I am writing, or she’ll reach out her paw and place it on my forearm.

Cat Blogging

CinnamonArmThis is what I have to deal with every morning when I sit at my computer. I try to tell Cinnamon that is not a real mouse, and is certainly not the way you go about catching a mouse. But, as usual, she neither complies nor acknowledges that she hears me.

My Evening Chuckle!

This is me in real life 90% of the time :)Follow – Funny Vines

Posted by Funny Vines on Friday, December 25, 2015

Reconfiguration Of The Castle

04132014173Okay, I bought a cheap coffee table at Wal-Mart yesterday, put it together this morning, and then fashioned a shoot and boot configuration for the waste. Normally there is a small plastic container that holds the scooped liter, but it would be full in two days. The damn things are expensive as hell. So now I won’t have to switch out new containers every two days. Plus the plastic bags are way, way less expensive.

And yes, I have an electric liter box. With the reconfiguration of the waste container I don’t have any nasty cat smell.

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