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A Bit of Fine Tuning

That is, I added a new background. The black was just too damn boring. I think the coffee tile is both appropriate and cool. I’m sure you all agree.

If you don’t……..

Too damn bad. I don’t want to hear about it.

Blog Tech

I’ve updated to the latest WordPress build. Went pretty smoothly. No bugs that I can see. I also changed my blog’s theme. Seemed time for another change. My only complaint is they took away the Justify button on the interface. Oh well. I can live without it. At least my blog seems to load faster.

iPhone Camera Problems

Well, it seems that WordPress and the iPhone Camera don’t communicate well. In fact, not at all. I like to switch from Portrait to Landscape (you know, turn the phone sideways) when taking picturtes. Unfortunately, it seems WordPress doesn’t, or can’t, read the orientation information that is embedded in the photo. So, all the pictures I took sideways are showing up sideways. Anyway, instead of posting a ton of pictures all at once here on my blog, I just posted them all directly on Facebook.

I’d rather post them here. But, until I figure out how to get WordPress to show them properly, I guess it’s to Facebook I go.

Still, let me show you one.


Deleted and Rearranged Menus

Okay, I did a bit of cleaning up. The old menu selection in the black below the above pictures needed to be cleaned out. The old link pages were woefully out of date and I simply did not want to take the time to update them. So “BANG!” I deleted them. Next? Well, I rearranged them. So, now I’m hoping people will take a look at what I have for static pages.


And One From The Nook

Another quick post. This one from my Nook. Like my Nokia, the GUI does not have Rich Text capabilities. But I am skilled enough with html to get by.

Facebook Figured Out?

Okay, now I think I have figured out how to automatically add my posts to my Facebook wall. Hopefully.

Avatar Figured Out

Well, what do you know. I managed to get things workout with Gravatar and now have an Avatar connected to my WordPress account! Yea me!

Early Morning Picture

Facebook Exit

You can check out, but you can never leave!

Wow! Talk about nice! Definitely liking the ability to insert photos. I was able to put in a caption, select alignment, and chose several options for sizing. Granted, Movable Type had them too, but the interface was so much less intuitive. Now, if I could just figure out how to get an Avatar inserted I will be a happy camper. Bryan, any ideas?

About That Facebook Plugin

Yeah. Didn’t work so good. It’s gone for now. I will work on it another day when I have more time.

Facebook Intergration

I am hoping that the Facebook plugin I installed will put a post up on my timeline when I publish here at this blog.