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Cleaning and Organizing

My desk was a pile of papers. So, I went about sorting and shredding. I now have a clear desk. I am also cleaning out empty shoe boxes and other various junk to throw into either the recycle bin or the garbage. This is the usual routine I go through when I am approaching a new semester. I’ve got two classes coming up – both online – and I am clearing the clutter as a representation of clearing my mind for new knowledge.


So, I put in for a transfer to MCF – Lino Lakes and it was accepted. I will be working as a release planner. Currently, I am living in Duluth and will be driving for a bit from there until I can find a suitable place for Tina and me to rent. It appears to be about a 2-hour drive. Not exactly the ideal situation while I am also doing two online classes. But, like I said, I am looking for a place that is small enough so as not to be overwhelming to clean, allows pets, and is centrally located so Tina can find a job that is within a 20-minute drive.

Two Things

One, seems there’s some kind of brute attack going on against WordPress sites so a pop-up is saying to use WordPress for both the user and password. If you have a user name for this site and plan on commenting, or such, go ahead and do as it says. If you’re just here to read, hit cancel.

Two, my classes for Spring 2017 have shown up on Moodle. Moodle is the program used to organize and control online classes at the U of M. It looks like I’m up for a lot of writing this semester as both classes are writing intensive. Unfortunately I was a bit late in getting around to registering for classes, so I didn’t have much of a choice. And that’s alright. I need to bone up on academic writing anyway. I am going to be much busier this semester than last. And last semester kicked my ass! Thankfully I don’t have any lectures I need to be watching 3 times a week like I did with Intro to Psychology. That was brutal. However, I believe there will be a weekly presentation in the Pharmacy class. Oh, and only one class has a text book, which is History of Psychology.

Technically both classes start on the 17th. However, I am planning on getting a jump on them this weekend. Actually, I already got a jump on both by watching the introduction videos. My hope is that though I’m taking 6 credits this semester, they will be less work overall than the 4 credit Intro to Psychology class of last semester.

Finished My Last Essay!

Okay, I finished my last essay for Intro to Psychology. Now I just have a lecture or two to listen to and some last minute review before the Big Final Exam on Saturday.

School Update

After having a rough middle I’ve settled back into my education. I had a rough week of not sleeping well and struggling with exams and quizzes. In fact, I thought I was taking a practice progress quiz, which I had 5 available tries. Unfortunately I was not fully awake and didn’t realize it was the actual quiz. So, instead of finding out where I needed to work on I instead got a crappy score. It had an impact on my grade. Sunk me to a C. However, I rebounded on the Progress Exam #2 with an 82% and also did well on some discussion groups. My grade is now back to an A-! I am very happy about that. We are starting to wind down. In fact, I have only two weeks left.

With that in mind, I’ve been putting more effort into getting my essays for each chapter done right after I read the chapter. I submitted one today and it was at a 90%! And the one before that was scored at 83%. So I have high hopes of maintaining that A-.

So, that’s my update on college.

Busy Day

I managed to get through 3 lectures as well as review a chapter and take the quiz. Also, I participated in an online discussion. All in all a productive school day!

So, This Happened

They put in a new column – well a row actually – in our grades page. Up until today I really didn’t know how I was doing. I was getting the “work of the class” stuff done, with high points. But with the essays, progress quizzes, and the first exam, I figured I was hurting.

Anyway, my grade at this point? A-

Yeah, seriously. A-

The first thing I thought “Okay, who the hell am I, and what did I do with me?”

Think about it a minute, it’ll make sense.

Anyway: Holy Mother Boiling Pot of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, how did I manage an A-? In the past a class like this would have seen me chocking on water.

Again, think about it…..

Geez. An A-

I’m going to go look in the mirror and see if it’s really me in the reflection.

Guess I Should Put Up A Post

It was a busy week last week. I was studying for the progress check exam I then took on Friday. Not all that good of a score though. 75% It’s a C, I believe. I should have cancelled and did it another day, but I really was unaware of the liberal make-up policy. Oh well. I was able to download the results – though not the actual answers. It does let me know what general areas I need to brush up on. Then, obviously, there were the essays due by Saturday night at midnight. I’ve said enough about that.

Anyway, I’ve a few chapters to review in an effort to get a better final exam. Plus, I have to fight the urge to take one of the days off on the weekends. I pretty much have to put most of my free time into school. Part of it is the learning curve of how to study. It’s been 25 years since I last did any type of serious school work. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Just pick myself up, make adjustments, and move on.

That Was No Fun

Okay, confession time. I waited until the last minute to complete all the essays that were due today.

Yes, that’s right. I hate writing essays. They suck. They always have and they always will.

Anyway, I did manage to score 75% or higher on them. All six of them.

You read that right. I wrote six essays today. And finished with an hour to spare.

And no, I don’t plan on letting that happen again.

Very, Very, Very Happy!

Just finished listening to the last lecture before the Progress quiz due tomorrow night. So, that’s cool. However, what is really making me happy is that I just went back and did the last 3 quizzes over and aced all three of them! The Sensation & Perception quiz on the first try.

My experience with school, studying, and even writing, is so very much different than even my counseling certificate training I took 25 years ago.