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Tina Is Up!

Okay, I managed to get in a run, and make me some breakfast before Tina got out of bed. She’s having her morning coffee and once awake is going to start cleaning. As we have two different approaches to cleaning, … Continue reading

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And she’s currently sleeping soundly on the couch.

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Saturday At Como Park With Tina

Well, where do I start? How about with simple pictures? Okay, we did walk around the zoo as well, but the animals really were not cooperating. And, to be honest, the amount of people made it problematic at best to … Continue reading

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Alright, Alright! I’ll Post Something!

Sheesh! Everyone’s a critic. That is, if everyone happens to be the silence that is the readership of my blog. Anyway, I do have a few announcements. One, Tina Rife and I are living together. She finished college in December, … Continue reading

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