Pre Run Post

Checked the weather – no rain in the forecast. I’ve had a cup of coffee, so I am awake. I’ve read my horoscopes and they have indicated no danger so it’s safe to step outside. Yup, going for a run. You all behave while I’m out there pounding the pavement and dirt.

After the run I am slated to make breakfast for Tine. Yes, yes. I know. I’m spoiling her. It’s the only way I can ensure that she spoils me in return. It’s mutual spoilage.

Okay, that didn’t sound right. But trust me, our relationship works.


Get Out Of Dodge!

I was given my marching orders in no uncertain terms. Tina is going to come home from work and clean house. That means I must not be around and under foot. So, I am going to go for a run soon, shower, and then get out of Dodge for the day. Not sure where I am going to go, but since Tina hates me being around when she cleans, I am going to have to figure something out.

Early Sunday Morning Luck

Well, maybe not so much. I planned on sleeping in. And, for the record, slept through what Tina described as one hell of a thunderstorm. Still, I was up by 7:30 AM. Granted, not early by even my standards, but earlier than I had planned to rise. Which turned out to be a good thing. See, we were out of coffee.

Yes, I know. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing such a development. We won’t, obviously. But we should. Now, do you mind? I’m trying to tell a story here.

Anyway, I had to make a run to Target. They have a store brand called “Archer Farms.” The coffee this brand sells is organic and free trade. Also, it’s excellent.  I know this because I’m sipping it as I type this. Finally, it’s cheap. And this morning on sale for $4.99 per 10 ounce bag of grounds.

Well, the store opens at 8:00, which I didn’t really know until I got there. Honestly, I had thought they opened up at 7:00 AM. But, not the case. So, luck was with me. Actually, luck seems to be playing a large part of this morning, from my waking up, to arriving at Target at 7:58 AM, to finding the coffee on sale. And all this while there was a break in the storms. Hell, there was even sunshine.

I know, I’m surprised myself. I just might go buy myself some lottery tickets.

Friday Night Meal

If she ever gets home from work we are going to Gordy’s Hi-Hat! If she ever gets home from work.*

Good eats!

*If she ever gets home from work!

Happy Birthday

Words are insufficient to describe how my life is better with you in it, Tina. You are the reason I wake up in the morning. You are the reason I come home after work. I live for those moments when you experience simple joy; the perfect meal, the beautiful walk, the wonderful movie. And though I may pick on you, and tease you, it is because you are the love of my life.

Coffee First

It’s always coffee first thing in the morning. After finishing the coffee it’s off for a run. I’m trying to stay ahead of the rain. Not that I am afraid of the rain, but I’m wanting to run without a lot of gear on.

Yesterday I did 6 miles, and then walked the last mile. I gauge my max distance on a combination of heart rate and pace. Once I hit a pace of 13 minutes per mile with a heart rate still around 145 – 150 it’s time to stop. Thankfully my recovery was quick. By the time supper rolled around I was back to an 80 heart rate.

On Saturday Tina and I walked just shy of 8 miles. Actually, that’s per Runtastic. I accidentally left the app on pause for 33 minutes, so I know I walked more than 8 miles. But the more important aspect of the walk on Saturday was my heart rate stayed below 100. There are some hills on the Lake Walk that are steep enough I ought to have gone over 100. So, I’m considering this a sign my heart and body are getting healthy.

Productive Sunday

Honestly, I had a great Sunday. Got up early enough to do my morning routine, followed by assembling the cart I bought from Fleet Farm, the lawn mower I bought from Menard’s, and building a compost pen out of fence posts and chicken wire. After that it was mowing up the leaves (We are surrounded by trees!) which required an extensive amounts of emptying the bag on the mower. After that Tina grilled up some pork steaks and we enjoyed an evening meal sitting on the deck and enjoying our hard work.

However, there are still many projects left for us to work on. Off to the side from the garage is a pile of logs, sticks, and boards that is quite the eye sore. It is destined to be dismantled, with much of it going to the compost pen, and others to the fire pit (the one I want to buy once I figure out what’s allowed). In addition to the pile, the rest of the area along side of the garage still needs cleaning up. There are flower beds, a collapsed rock wall, and various plants growing that may or may not be survivors of what appears to have been a few years of neglect.

Now, though, it’s time for me to go out for a run. You all have a great start to your week, Monday not withstanding.

Incremental Marathon – Man Flu Leg

I believe I am delusional from the Man Flu because I ended up running after feeling exhausted from spoiling Tina.


Okay, Tina made me* change her passenger side headlight, take the garbage and recycles down to the curb, and shovel the front sidewalk for the postal delivery person. Now I’m exhausted. I think I’m coming down with the Man Flu.

Commence Tina shouting “BULLSHIT” in 5, 4, 3,……..

*And no, she didn’t make me. I spoil her.

Winding Down

Yes, I went to the fitness center. I only did 30 minutes. 15 on the treadmill and 15 on the stationary bike. It was a good workout. Now the electric blanket is warming up the bed into which I will soon crawl. You all have a good night. Unless I don’t like you, then I hope the bed bugs do bite.

And one more thing – Tina’s home!!!!!!!!!!