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Winding Down

Yes, I went to the fitness center. I only did 30 minutes. 15 on the treadmill and 15 on the stationary bike. It was a good workout. Now the electric blanket is warming up the bed into which I will … Continue reading

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With Time to Spare!

I finished all assignments due for my two classes today. I’m taking Tina to her procedure tomorrow morning so I’ll bring my books with for next week’s assignments and readings. Now it’s time for me to go to bed

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A Thank You Card

This is the card made by the autistic son on one of Tina’s coworkers. It was his way of thanking us for borrowing them the Marvel movies. It’s sweet and wonderful.

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A post shared by Sweatpants & Coffee (@sweatpantsandcoffee) on Aug 23, 2017 at 4:50pm PDT Exactly what Tina needs to wake her up in the morning.

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Monday Morning

I’m enjoying my morning coffee, getting ready to pour mug number two. After I finish that I’m going to head out the door for a run. It’s a beautiful, bright sky at the moment. There’s not much of a breeze, … Continue reading

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Tina and myself will be going off to Brainerd soon to celebrate the birthdays of all three of her grand-cridders. None of them actually have a birthday today. This day is roughly in the middle of all their birthdays. Tina, … Continue reading

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Lousy Birthday

Poor Tina. She’s stuck along side the road between McGregor, MN and Aikin, MN. She blew a tire on the way to check out locations with her daughter for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. It’s breaking my heart because I have … Continue reading

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Tina Is Up!

Okay, I managed to get in a run, and make me some breakfast before Tina got out of bed. She’s having her morning coffee and once awake is going to start cleaning. As we have two different approaches to cleaning, … Continue reading

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And she’s currently sleeping soundly on the couch.

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Saturday At Como Park With Tina

Well, where do I start? How about with simple pictures? Okay, we did walk around the zoo as well, but the animals really were not cooperating. And, to be honest, the amount of people made it problematic at best to … Continue reading

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