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With Time to Spare!

I finished all assignments due for my two classes today. I’m taking Tina to her procedure tomorrow morning so I’ll bring my books with for next week’s assignments and readings. Now it’s time for me to go to bed

A Thank You Card

This is the card made by the autistic son on one of Tina’s coworkers. It was his way of thanking us for borrowing them the Marvel movies. It’s sweet and wonderful.

Exactly what Tina needs to wake her up in the morning.

Monday Morning

I’m enjoying my morning coffee, getting ready to pour mug number two. After I finish that I’m going to head out the door for a run. It’s a beautiful, bright sky at the moment. There’s not much of a breeze, which I prefer when I go running.

I’ve already given the cats their morning treat, and let Freddy upstairs to snuggle with Tina, who’s sleeping in. I don’t blame her. I almost stayed in bed longer. However, I do want to get out and run. Despite the irritation to my Achilles tendons, I enjoy running. I also enjoy the benefits derived from my running. I just have to routinely ice my tendons and heels after I run.

Anyway, I’ve emptied my mug. I’m going to go get it re-filled and get ready for my run. You all have a great day.

Well, except for some of you. I’d rather you have a miserable day. Not because that’s what I want for you, but because that’s what you want for you. And I’m a fan of you getting what you want.


Tina and myself will be going off to Brainerd soon to celebrate the birthdays of all three of her grand-cridders. None of them actually have a birthday today. This day is roughly in the middle of all their birthdays. Tina, being a good grandmother, bought these squirt guns that are more like giant plastic syringes without the needles. You suck up water from a bucket like its a syringe, then shoot the water out with a strong push. Supposedly you can shoot the water 30 feet. They were a buck a piece. She bought 15 of them. That’ll keep the kiddos happy for the day.

Lousy Birthday

Poor Tina. She’s stuck along side the road between McGregor, MN and Aikin, MN. She blew a tire on the way to check out locations with her daughter for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. It’s breaking my heart because I have to work and I don’t have any vacation time yet. Thankfully she has roadside assistance. Unfortunately, it’s pouring rain where she’s at.

Worst thing of all? It’s her birthday. I’ll be buying her new tires for a gift.

Tina Is Up!

Okay, I managed to get in a run, and make me some breakfast before Tina got out of bed. She’s having her morning coffee and once awake is going to start cleaning. As we have two different approaches to cleaning, it’s best I get out of the house and out of her way. She bulldozes through cleaning where as I take many breaks.

We compromise though. I’ll do the laundry later on today after she’s done her cleaning. So, I’m going to take my MacBook Air, head to Beaner’s Central, and do classwork. Well, first I have to finish breakfast, and take a shower.



And she’s currently sleeping soundly on the couch.

Saturday At Como Park With Tina

Well, where do I start? How about with simple pictures?

250 year old Bansi

250 year old Bonsi

IMG_1767Okay, we did walk around the zoo as well, but the animals really were not cooperating. And, to be honest, the amount of people made it problematic at best to take pictures. It was easier to take pictures of the plants and sculptures.

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Alright, Alright! I’ll Post Something!

Sheesh! Everyone’s a critic. That is, if everyone happens to be the silence that is the readership of my blog.

Anyway, I do have a few announcements. One, Tina Rife and I are living together. She finished college in December, found herself unemployed in January, so we moved her from Green Bay, WI., to Willow River, MN on February 14th, 2015. That’s right, Valentine’s Day! It also happened to be the windiest day of the month. Since then we’ve worked at making what was my stark apartment into a cozy, comfortable home. Gone are my futons; one I was using for my bed and the other for a couch. Both are now in storage. We have her couch, her Queen sized bed, my love seat, and our chairs. We purchased other things to warm up the place, like an area rug. There are a lot of other improvements we’ve completed, and others we’ve planned. So far it’s gone well.

Also, though I might have already mentioned this, I have been promoted at work. It means an increase in pay with an increase with responsibilities. That too has gone well so far.

Finally, I still have tax return money left over, so I bought Apple TV. Talk about a nice way to display my MacBook Air on my HDTV! Not to mention the ability to buy movies and store them on my iCloud account. Looking forward to playing with that new toy!

Okay, that’s enough for now. Everyone can just quiet down even more than they have been and get back to not being a readership and not yelling at me, just like always.