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Yes, I know. It’s been a while since I exercised. Winter does that. Or, more appropriately, I let winter be an excuse not to run or exercise. Anyway, today I went out and ran. 42.31 minutes per my Fitbit. 32 … Continue reading

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After Run Post

Or more appropriately – after shower/after run post. I’m feeling clean and refreshed. I was afraid my run would tire me out. So, that’s good. Anyway, I’m getting ready to finish the last 3rd of the 3rd chapter of my … Continue reading

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This shirt states exactly how I feel during and after I run. And even this morning.

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I Ran

Yes, I did run. Farther and longer than I planned. And I’m hurting. Nothing serious. Just old age. My Achille’s tendons, ankles, and lower calf muscles are aching. However, its just a dull ache, not the intense pain of a … Continue reading

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Okay people, I’m going running. Try not to wreck the place while I’m gone. Update: So, my plan had been to run 45 minutes. However, my legs were screaming at me most of the way. As a result, I decided … Continue reading

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Yup, hit the trail. Pushed myself despite the cold. And I managed a minute faster average mile than on Wednesday. But, I took a Musinex to deal with the dry cough this run produced. Oh, I also ran an extra … Continue reading

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Guess I’m Still Sick

So, yesterday, after work, I thought it would be a good idea to go for a run. I was feeling better after over a week of aches, pains, and the threat of a migraine. Yeah, guess I was wrong about … Continue reading

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