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There is Also Love In This World

A reminder that the only effective way to fight hate is with love.

Tell me you don’t feel the power of love in that video.

An Oldie But Greatly

For your listening and viewing pleasure;

Early Morning World Music Post

This is a most excellent video!

Tip o’ the hat: Anne Laurie over at Balloon Juice.


Music in the US of A is rather underwhelming for me at this time. Corporate control has reduced the spontaneity and creativity of music writing. Instead, I am forced to listen to formulic re-packaging of old themes and styles without anything new and fresh coming along to catch my interest.

So, imagine my surprise when an A Cappella group covers June Carter’s “Ring of Fire” and nails it in a refreshingly new manner.

Home Free has a novel approach to an old standard. They’re not attempting to mimic Johnny Cash, but instead pay tribute to him while still infusing their own character and joy into music they obviously love.

Okay, These 2 Really Know How To Rock!

Posted without any comment. Really, what can I say that the video doesn’t?

Okay, I lied. There is one thing to say: They are just as good live as they are in studio.

A Whole New Meaning To Classic Rock

Amadeus never rocked out like this, I’ll bet.


Sometimes the cover is better than the original. And this proves that technical prowess and virtuoso is nothing compared to telling a story with emotion. Johnny Cash exceeded at both.

If you’re not close to crying after listening to this, you’re heartless.