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There is Also Love In This World

A reminder that the only effective way to fight hate is with love. Tell me you don’t feel the power of love in that video. Advertisements

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Some Good Picken’

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An Oldie But Greatly

For your listening and viewing pleasure;

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Early Morning World Music Post

This is a most excellent video! Tip o’ the hat: Anne Laurie over at Balloon Juice.

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Music in the US of A is rather underwhelming for me at this time. Corporate control has reduced the spontaneity and creativity of music writing. Instead, I am forced to listen to formulic re-packaging of old themes and styles without anything new and fresh coming … Continue reading

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Good Question!

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Okay, These 2 Really Know How To Rock!

Posted without any comment. Really, what can I say that the video doesn’t? Okay, I lied. There is one thing to say: They are just as good live as they are in studio.

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A Whole New Meaning To Classic Rock

Amadeus never rocked out like this, I’ll bet.

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Sometimes the cover is better than the original. And this proves that technical prowess and virtuoso is nothing compared to telling a story with emotion. Johnny Cash exceeded at both. If you’re not close to crying after listening to this, … Continue reading

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