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Trying Out Beta

Nothing all that important needing to be posted. I'm just trying out the beta posting portion of the WordPress app. It has some cool functionality. Oh, and I wrote this post on my phone.

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New Addon for Firefox

I have a new grammar, spell check, and punctuation addon for Firefox. It proofs as I write, giving me all sorts of suggestions and corrections. So far I’m liking it! Hoping it will help improve my posts. Huh. It appears … Continue reading

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iPhone Camera Problems

Well, it seems that WordPress and the iPhone Camera don’t communicate well. In fact, not at all. I like to switch from Portrait to Landscape (you know, turn the phone sideways) when taking picturtes. Unfortunately, it seems WordPress doesn’t, or … Continue reading

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Deleted and Rearranged Menus

Okay, I did a bit of cleaning up. The old menu selection in the black below the above pictures needed to be cleaned out. The old link pages were woefully out of date and I simply did not want to … Continue reading

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New App For My New Computer

So, I picked up a new iMac. I’m getting ready to return to college. Online college. And my MacBook Air just wasn’t going to cut it. I have to say, I’m glad to have made the switch from Window machines … Continue reading

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What Station Is This?

Why, Procrastination Station! I meant to work on my novel. Honest….. I did. However, I ended up doing the dishes. Slowly. And make myself breakfast. Slowly. And eat it. Slowly. Now, I’m contemplating a run to Anytime Fitness. But it … Continue reading

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Ain’t that the truth!

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A New Year

Welcome to a New Year. Yes, I know, I’ve blogged my usual low amount. I let myself get caught up in life and so don’t actually write about life. That’s how it is. Hell, that’s how it’s always been with … Continue reading

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New Story

Okay, if you look up at the right hand corner just below the header picture, you’ll see I’ve a new novel started. I’ve given the older one a rest. I’m stuck and can’t seem to get any farther. So, I … Continue reading

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What Numerian Said

Some days I am reminded of the magnitude of writing I have yet to achieve. (The Agonist) Almost always I get lost in the process. There are too many hyperlinks to draw you away, and after moving two or three … Continue reading

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