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Morning Routine Completed.

Well, I’ve finished my coffee, did my morning journal entry, and perused through my horoscopes and emails. Now it’s time for a run.

While I’m out would the rest of you please not be completed hooligans. I’d like to return to a clean and orderly place.

Knock of the naivety faces. You know who you are. You’re not fooling anybody.

Vast Improvement

After all the years of listening to physical fitness gurus talk about the benefits of being healthy, I’m seriously starting to feel the benefits. I am not doing any radical exercise routine, nor starving myself to death with any diet. I am simply running and doing push-ups. No cross-fit training. No Iron Man workout. No 300 physical system, etc, etc, etc.

I am feeling better, both emotionally and physically. I am eating less because I am just not as hungry and I feel fuller quicker. And I am drinking lots of water.

Oh, and the weight loss is finally showing up! I have now become too small for my 2XL t-shirts. I am back down to XL. My belt is getting to be too big for me, I’ll have to go to a 34 inch.

What really surprises me is my heart rate. I am getting a stronger heart, no doubt. I ran hard today, yet the majority of my heart rate was in the cardio range instead of the peak range.


What To Do?

I’m finishing up my coffee and wondering what to do next. Run? Or just be lazy? It’s a bit chilly out right now, with a breeze coming off the river. Nothing too extreme, but it’s making me think being lazy is not that bad of a choice.

The Rain Has Quieted

Just might make that run after all.

To Run Or Not

It’s raining outside. A moment ago it was torrential. Now it seems to have slacked off a bit. I have a rain jacket I bought a few years ago that is perfect for this type of weather. It’s just a matter of my getting motivated. I’m busy with breakfast at the moment, but after about a half hour I will start really working on that motivation.


Yes, I know. It’s been a while since I exercised. Winter does that. Or, more appropriately, I let winter be an excuse not to run or exercise. Anyway, today I went out and ran. 42.31 minutes per my Fitbit. 32 minutes of that in the peak heart rate zone. 8 minutes in the cardio area. And 26 minutes in the field above cardio but not in peak. My highest heart rate was towards the end of the run. I hit 176, two beats above max. It was but for a moment.

I forgot to change the setting on MapMyRun from Treadmill to run, so it didn’t track my distance. But at this point, just getting over 40 minutes is more important than my speed or distance.

After Run Post

Or more appropriately – after shower/after run post. I’m feeling clean and refreshed. I was afraid my run would tire me out. So, that’s good. Anyway, I’m getting ready to finish the last 3rd of the 3rd chapter of my textbook.

The decision is do I do it here or do I go to a coffee shop. Sometimes studying from home is problematic. Mostly because I am easily distracted by chores. Today, though, chores were a nice break between various study activities. Still, I sometimes just need to get out of the house.


Decisions, decisions.


I’m trying to wake up. I need to get going on my school work. I’ve Friday’s lecture to watch, as well as the Chapter 3 quiz to take (which was recommended for completion by Friday). Yeah, I’m stalling.

And there’s the planned run for today, which might not happen unless the drizzle outside clears up.

Oh, and I’m still working on finishing my morning coffee.

Update: I won’t be watching any lecture or doing any quizzes until after 9:00 AM due to scheduled maintenance on the Moodle site. I guess that means I’ll be reading my textbook.


This shirt states exactly how I feel during and after I run. And even this morning.


I Ran

Yes, I did run. Farther and longer than I planned. And I’m hurting. Nothing serious. Just old age. My Achille’s tendons, ankles, and lower calf muscles are aching. However, its just a dull ache, not the intense pain of a few months ago. I figure my legs are just taking their sweet time in getting conditioned.

On a side note, I am getting frustrated with the various exercise apps. I would love to be able to post all my runs directly to my blog, but none of them allow for that functionality. If one of them did, I’d pay money for the premium account. Well, we all can’t have what we want, can we?