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Exercise Dump

This is a post with all the various runs and walks I’ve taken that I had not yet posted.

























All the walks on this post are with Nordic Walking Sticks except for these two above. This was the day Tina and I walked to the Trophy Cafe for breakfast.

















Great Customer Service

I am not a paid spokesperson so you can breathe a sigh of relief that this is not a commercial. Tina and I both have FitBit products. Both have had problems. Yet, when I contacted customer service via Live Chat, my issues were resolved immediately and without undue hassle. In fact, I can say they had no requirements what-so-ever. In the case of my FitBit HR, the band broke and they replaced it with no questions asked. With Tina’s Zip, it seemed there was something wrong that it never read the power level of the battery correctly, causing issues with it syncing, etc. In this case they were able to access Tina’s FitBit account and see the same issue. Again, they simply are willing to replace the product with no need to ship the defective product to them, or to have any type of receipt, etc.

This is customer service. I’d recommend buying their products every time. In fact, when I am ready I will be upgrading to a more expensive watch. At this point, though, I’m happy with what I have.

I just wish they’d improve their apps ability to post to the internet.

No one is perfect.

Another Run Completed

I know I typed run in the title, but let’s be honest, it’s a pathetic jog. Still, it is a decent pace for me. Oh, and the reason my heart rate increased at the end was due to my pushing myself to finish strong. I actually had a pace under 10 minutes the last 3 tenths of a mile.

Today’s Stats #57926









I’m happy with them.





Monday’s Run.

Update: Oops. Not Monday’s Run. My Bad.

Here’s Monday’s Run.

Monday Morning

I’m enjoying my morning coffee, getting ready to pour mug number two. After I finish that I’m going to head out the door for a run. It’s a beautiful, bright sky at the moment. There’s not much of a breeze, which I prefer when I go running.

I’ve already given the cats their morning treat, and let Freddy upstairs to snuggle with Tina, who’s sleeping in. I don’t blame her. I almost stayed in bed longer. However, I do want to get out and run. Despite the irritation to my Achilles tendons, I enjoy running. I also enjoy the benefits derived from my running. I just have to routinely ice my tendons and heels after I run.

Anyway, I’ve emptied my mug. I’m going to go get it re-filled and get ready for my run. You all have a great day.

Well, except for some of you. I’d rather you have a miserable day. Not because that’s what I want for you, but because that’s what you want for you. And I’m a fan of you getting what you want.

Morning Routine Completed.

Well, I’ve finished my coffee, did my morning journal entry, and perused through my horoscopes and emails. Now it’s time for a run.

While I’m out would the rest of you please not be completed hooligans. I’d like to return to a clean and orderly place.

Knock of the naivety faces. You know who you are. You’re not fooling anybody.