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Ain’t Breaking MyHeart

(Salon) According to Reuters, iHeartMedia is trying to kick the debt can further down the road by trying to pay off its maturing bonds by purchasing other ones while undergoing yet another corporate overhaul. But this time, the company‚Äôs bondholders … Continue reading

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It’s Going To Be A Bit

I am still working some of the issues out. So, it’ll be a bit before I explain the change.

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A Change It Is A Coming

Change. It ain’t coins in a pocket. Continue reading

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Some Good Picken’

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Really have nothing to say. Just wanted to sigh.

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Posted without any more comment than the title………

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If every time I drove my car it was spent and I had to use a new one every day it would get pretty damn expensive. If ever time I used my computer and it was spent and I had … Continue reading

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