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If I had wanted cream and sugar, why order the damn coffee?

Post Storm Non-shoveling

So I awoke to above freezing temperatures and slush on the ground. In checking the weather forecast I’ve learned the temperature is going to increase. So, no need to shovel this morning. With the high projected to be 38 I … Continue reading

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Pre-storm Shoveling

I spent an hour using the snowblower, a shovel, and a sidewalk ice scrapper to clear off the deck. There was a 3-foot tall pile of snow that ran the length of the deck. It came from the roofers scrapping … Continue reading

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Anyone know of any good books to read/listen to on Buddhism? And no, I’m not asking for a friend.

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Quick Post

If the rules are more important than the person, you’re priorities are fucked.

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Stats for the most recent leg of the Incremental Marathon.

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We finished watching “Firefly” and then “Serenity.” Now we are watching “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”

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Happy New Year

My hope if for all of you to be graced with love and joy from your family and friends. And may you find your way to happiness.

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Staying Caught Up

Got that run in. But I decided to use my own treadmill instead of going to Anytime Fitness.

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Getting Caught Up

So, this is a catch-up post for my running. As I mentioned a while back, I fell the last time I ran outside. Thumped the back of my head on the ice pretty damn hard too. Thankfully, that’s the safest … Continue reading

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